Aubin Studio

Justice-driven documentary filmmaking is the cornerstone of our work, which means we prioritize working with partners before we even develop our films. Our ongoing work in justice movements is the very origin from which our films are birthed. Aubin’s 13 features interrogate flawed systems by working directly with impacted communities as well as being unabashedly critical and defiant in our visions for a more democratic, accepting, and flourishing society: from criminal justice reform to LGTBQ+ rights. Through our filmmaking process, Aubin provides a direct path for new, urgent voices — ours and our collaborators — to flourish as filmmakers, activists and artists.

Aubin crew at the Silver Art studio
Aubin crew at the Silver Art studio, shooting for an upcoming film (July 2023)


Discussion guides
Aubin discussion guides for 3 of our films: "What's on Your Plate", "Aggie", and "Dispatches from Cleveland"

Aubin Impact

We have more than three decades of experience making films and creating impact through campaigns, books, games, and other direct engagement. In all of our work, we apply historical knowledge and harness our own archives to continue the ongoing fights for racial, political, economic, and social justice. Our impact campaigns leverage community and activist partnerships to utilize films as catalysts for education, discussion, inspiration, and activation. We cultivate connections in movements with new audiences and the films we produce, and ignite dialogue around today’s most urgent issues to inspire meaningful cultural and civic change.


Aubin Workshop

From the beginning, Aubin has extended the umbrella of our 501(c)3 status through fiscal sponsorship to support mission-aligned filmmakers and projects. We also incubate new organizations, media, and interdisciplinary creative initiatives. In 2018, we helped found JustMedia, an archive of media about the criminal legal system that serves as a media literacy tool for the movement to end mass incarceration and achieve abolition.

Aubin Workshop also includes hosting community events in our SoHo space together with artists, grassroots groups, and aligned organizations.

Aubin fiscally supported film “SURGE” is a feature documentary about the record number of first-time female candidates who ran, won and upended politics in the historic, barrier-breaking 2018 midterm elections (July 2020)


Katherine F in editing room
Past intern Katherine F. at work in the original Aubin office editing suite - Aubin’s home for our first 26 years. We’ve since expanded the space to accommodate our growing number of team members and projects (April 2018)

Aubin Lab

Through mentorship, training, and internships, we are an intergenerational community of activists and filmmakers who cultivate fresh approaches to media- making. We empower our interns to specialize in areas most beneficial to them, letting their interests guide our work together and championing their career trajectories within film and beyond. Core to our Lab is relentless faith in fostering a space for intellectual and radical dreaming beyond the limitations of historical legacy. As women, gender expansive individuals, queer people, and members of the BIPOC and disability communities, we manifest the media landscape we know we need: an ecosystem powered by empathy, equity, and utter embodiment.


Aubin Rewind

Aubin Rewind includes organizing, cataloging and activating our own archives for impact, communications, and distribution. Through our archives, we better understand how both our filmmaking and the political landscape has evolved over the last 3 decades. Combing through helps us realize the impact we’ve had through the process of making our films, forming our partnerships, and catalyzing community engagement—and, most importantly, how we can continue to build on that impact. Aubin Rewind also helps us tell our story in new ways to new audiences, and share precious historical materials with those whose interest has been sparked.

Mariah in the archives
Archival intern Mariah N. at the office, building the archive for future Aubin projects (August 2023)


Director Catherine Gund and cinematographer Nadia Hallgren filming Dispatches from Cleveland.
Director Catherine Gund and cinematographer Nadia Hallgren filming Dispatches from Cleveland.


Aubin Pictures, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to develop, produce, and distribute documentary films that promote cultural awareness, strategic social transformation, and elevate the voices of people who identify as women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and justice-impacted. 

Through our work, we reimagine the rules our society lives by, shape the ways in which problems and priorities are identified, and build narrative power.

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