On Hostile Ground (2000, 70 min)

Director: Liz Mermin and Jenny Raskin

Producer: Catherine Gund

"OHG finds three extraordinary individuals who put their lives on the line daily, motivated by their commitment to a cause" -The New York Times

"On Hostile Ground is a compelling call to action for everyone who values reproductive freedom." -- -Julianne Moore, Actress 

"Regardless of where you stand on abortion...this illuminating and and ultimately inspirational film is well worth your time." --TV Guide On-line 

"The kind of nonfiction filmmaking television avoids." -- -Gannett

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Their ranks are shrinking rapidly. With violence against abortion providers steadily increasing, three abortion providers are forced to evaluate the obstacles that impede their job, safety, and health every day. “On Hostile Ground” documents their struggles without the help of a narrator; their stories are intertwined seamlessly.  By weaving together three very different character portraits, “On Hostile Ground” takes an unique approach to a volatile social conflict, portraying abortion through the personal stories of those who are in mortal danger because they provide the service.

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