Laura Pilloni.jpeg

Laura Pilloni, Outgoing Office and Projects Manager, Associate Producer for Chavela and Dispatches From Cleveland

Laura has been working on feature-length and short form documentary and narrative film projects such as Front Cover (2015) and Kingdom of Shadows (2015) since 2013. Most recently she was an associate producer for the upcoming women and human rights documentary, Home Truth. Keeping in line with her work on these impactful films, she was very excited to become part of such an innovative and socially conscious production company when she joined the Aubin Pictures team. She is currently the post-production associate producer of two of Aubin Pictures' upcoming documentary projects, Chavela and Dispatches from Cleveland.

Laura graduated summa cum laude from the City College of New York (CCNY) where she received a BFA in Film and Video Production. She worked as a tutor and administrative assistant at the CNNY Writing Center for four years. She was also a mentor and videographer at Hofstra University's Documenting Diversity program. In her spare time, Laura enjoys working as an assistant director on short films, reading, and watching films.

Bedatri headshot cropped.jpeg

Bedatri D. Choudhury, Incoming Office & Projects Manager

Bedatri studied literature and cinema in New Delhi, came to New York City to attend graduate school in Cinema Studies at Tisch School of the Arts, and has been living here ever since.  She has worked extensively in the documentary film world, particularly in the areas of funding and film criticism. She loves to write on film and culture, especially from a prism of feminism and post-colonialism. Bedatri's writings have been published in Huffington Post, Hyperallergic, Buzzfeed and Bitch Magazine, among others. Her most memorable past projects include organizing India's largest documentary film festival and working on a documentary film seminar. Having worked for publishing houses, an advertising agency, a newspaper, documentary film outfits and a theater company, she doesn't quite see the boundaries between the different means of cultural production and swears by the immense powers of intersectionality.

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Ri Lindegren, Assistant to the Director

Ri Lindegren is an admin whiz for all Aubin productions, as well as a dance artist and videographer hailing from the the emerald coast of North Florida with a degree in Anthropology & International Studies. In the administrative and videography worlds, Ri has worked for numerous organizations including Aubin Pictures, The Dance Enthusiast, BABEL Acrobatic Dance Theater, Hunter College, Americorps, Gibney Dance Center, The Yard, Urban Bush Women, BODYART Dance Company, Sarasota Contemporary Dance Company, and MADRE, Inc. Ri supports social justice and community building endeavors through collaboration between multimedia, movement, visual, and sound artists via Elind Dance Videography.


Yanett Ramirez, Production Assistant

Yanett Ramirez, born in Lima, Peru, grew up to laugh and learn.  She received her Film and Video Production degree from The City College (CUNY) and believes that diversity in media, speaking out against oppression, and petting animal friends can change the world. Yanett hopes to write and direct her own feature films centered around underrepresented groups and identities. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and plants.

Paola Ossa.jpeg

Paola Ossa, Production Assistant

Paola Ossa is a sophomore at the Film Institute at Montclair State University with a BFA degree in Filmmaking. Born in Colombia and raised in New Jersey, Paola worked in digital marketing with Sonar Projects and interned at the Communication Arts Science Training (CAST) program in high school. For Paola, the appeal of documentaries is that they connect audiences to a real story, emboldening new perspectives and cultural awareness unlike any other genre. In her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling, editing films, and creating dope videos for DJs. Paola is currently working on her 3rd short film.