Making Grace (2004, 80 min)

Director: Catherine Gund

Producer: Catherine Gund

“Often humorous, sometimes emotional, and always captivating”

  • Inside Out Film Festival 

“Serves nicely as a primer for lesbian partners considering taking the same leap.” - Variety

“Hits all the notes of the wacky, emotional rollercoaster that is making a family. This is not the L Word version of the story; this is authentic reality TV.” San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

“Is there any better argument in favor of lesbian motherhood?" - Time Out New York


“They had everything….but sperm.”

Ann Krsul and Leslie Sullivan want to be mothers - together. There’s one problem though - they don’t have any sperm. “Making Grace” follows the humorous, strange, and highly emotional rollercoaster that is Ann and Leslie’s journey to making a family.

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