Masterclass with Catherine Gund at Fringe Fest in London

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In partnership with Open City Docs, the Fringe Festival in London presented a masterclass last month with our very own Emmy-nominated director, producer, writer, and activist Catherine Gund, whose work is showcased in this year's festival: Chavela, Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs Gravity and a series of shorts from her activist film archives. Cat talked about her work documenting the lives of LGBTIQ+ people and bringing queer stories to the screen. She also screened excerpts from her work:  Keep Your Laws Off My Body, B.U.C.K.LE., Cuz It's Boy, LUST Plenary, & DIVA TV

A large part of being involved in social work includes being a conversation-starter so participating in an event that holds a space for and celebrates that is truly special. We thank you Fringe Fest and thank you, London! 

- The Aubin Pictures Team