Ends and Means: The History and Consequences of Anticommunism in the United States (1990, 30 min)


Produced by DeeDee Halleck and Catherine Gund.  Anti-communism has been such a fixture of our conceptual landscape that many of us take it for granted. This film is lively compilation of clips from anti-communist propaganda films intercut with footage taken from an international conference at Harvard University in 1989. This show is an analytic and often humorous look at America's fear of red. Highlights of the tape include segments from a US propaganda film hosted by Ronald Reagan, Angela Davis on a network talk show discussing what communism stands for and playwright/author Howard Zinn reading from a House of Un-American Activities pamphlet entitled, "100 Things You Should Know About Communism." Produced by DeeDee Halleck and Catherine Saalfield in collaboration with the Institute for Media Analysis (NY, NY). 

Watch the full video online here.