DIVA TV (1989-1991)

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DIVA TV was founded in 1989 as a video-documenting affinity group with ACT UP AIDS COALITION TO UNLEASH POWER, an activist group famous for its direct action against bureaucratic neglect and drug company profiteering in the AIDS crisis and widely acknowledged as re-energizing civil disobedience tactics
in the United States.  DIVA TV * documents public testimony, the media, and community activism to motivate the fight against AIDS. 

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 Productions include: "Target City Hall," 28 min, 1989; "Pride," 28 min, 1989; "Be A DIVA," 58 min, 1990 (for Deep Dish TV); "Like A Prayer," 28 min, 1991. 

Watch a few of the full videos below!

The first tape produced by those "Damned Interfering Video Activists" (DIVA TV) exhibits a wide range of styles and statements on ACT UP's massive demonstration at City Hall on March, 28, 1989, to protest state-level governmental negligence in the AIDS crisis. Begins with a poignant music video of new activists being trained in civil disobedience. Segues into an intimate portrait of one large affinity group called CHER, in which passionate first-timers glowingly support each other in a committed battle against the system. The final section, called "L.A.P.I.T." (Lesbian Activists Producing Innovative Television"), emphasizes the role of ACT UP’s women and deconstructs the media hype around the illegal strip searches they endured in jail.

Produced by DIVA TV, this tape documents New York City's Gay and Lesbian Pride week, 1989, including the homophobic gay bashing which occurred in Sheridan Square during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Stonewall Riots, often cited as the birth of the modern Lesbian and Gay Liberation Movement. In addition, Pride juxtaposes footage from The Wizard of Oz with their coverage of the Gay and Lesbian Pride March, especially featuring ACT UP/NY.

Produced by the activist video collective of ACT UP/NY called DIVA TV, this tape analyzes the collaborative demonstration “Stop the Church” by WHAM! (Women's Health Action and Mobilization) and ACT UP/NY on December 10, 1990, against Cardinal John O'Connor and the Roman Catholic Church's murderous stand on abortion rights, safer sex and homosexuality.