Dispatches From Cleveland (2017, 75 min)

Director: Catherine Gund

Producers: Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi

"Dispatches From Cleveland hits you with an emotional sledgehammer in the opening credits."-  Kelly Petryszyn, Cleveland Magazine from A Documentary Takes on Racial Injustice Post-Tamir Rice

"... poignant, sobering, and powerful... a galvanizing  tool, a way to empower people and convince them to get involved in their local communities, and work to make a  difference. " -   Annie Zaleski, The Cleveland Film Society  from "CATHERINE GUND'S FILM TELLS 'EVERYONE'S STORY”

"[It] finds its power in a modern example of how individual communities can move  forward . And as much as it is important to understand our past so as not to repeat  it, knowing how to build our future is just as important. Dispatches from Cleveland shows us how. "  - Leigh Monson,  Substream Magazine from MSPIFF: ‘Dispatches from Cleveland’ provides a roadmap for social justice

“I didn’t ask to be a leader. They made me a leader when they killed my son.” (Samira Rice)

When Samira’s 12-year-old son Tamir was killed by the Cleveland police department in November 2014, the citizens of Cleveland, and the country at large, waited for the officers responsible to be held accountable, but to no avail. Cleveland’s Prosecutor Timothy McGinty refused to indict the officer in question, and ignored the needs of the people he was meant to serve.

Dispatches from Cleveland is a feature-length documentary in five parts that follows ordinary people – long shaken by police misconduct, social discrimination, and poverty – whose love for their home pushes them to work together to bring about real change.

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